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Coach Roselind provides half-day DISC assessments and group coaching sessions in collaboration with Kerry Consulting.

Coaching services we provide

Career Coaching


Coach Roselind will guide you through a personalized program designed to bring clarity to your career aspirations and help you land the job you desire.

Career Coaching

Coach Roselind will guide you through a personalized program designed to bring clarity to your career aspirations and help you land the job you desire.

Leadership Coaching


Coach Lex will guide you through a personalized coaching journey to help you find your unique leadership style and voice.

Leadership Coaching

Coach Lex will guide you through a personalized coaching journey to help you find your unique leadership style and voice. Click to learn more

DISC coaching


Improve (team) communication and collaboration. Coach Lex or Coach Roselind will conduct a (workshop) session with you or your team.

DISCover workshop

Break down barriers, increase collaboration, and improve communication skills within your team. This workshop includes personal DISC tests for each participants, a debrief and interactive exercises aimed to promote better teamwork.

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— About Us

Hello, nice to meet you!

I help you find your way..

I firmly believe that the world is a fascinating place, filled with endless possibilities that we are yet to discover.

Despite being a qualified accountant, I eventually found my true calling in a career that allows me to express my authentic self.

With a Master’s Degree of Applied Psychology in Coaching, I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with ICF. I’m also a licensed NLP Master coach and practitioner.

Having worked as a recruiter in both agency and in-house settings, I have extensive experience in recruiting for both technical and non-technical roles across a variety of industries, including startups and leading technology organizations.

I bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to my coaching practice, including navigating major life transitions, overcoming challenges, and finding balance in life.

As your coach, I’ll provide a psychological safe space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, and help you unlock your full potential.

Coach Roselind

ICF ACC, NLP Master Coach, DISC Guide
NLP Master Coach, Ministry of Education registered

— About Us

Hello, nice to meet you!

I help you look inside you..

I’ve always felt a responsibility for my teams to be happy, productive, and safe.

Managing teams in startups is fun and challenging, and at times, really, really, tough.

It is in exactly those days I’ve developed into a better manager, leader, person and coach. In my daytime jobs, I’ve held leadership roles such as Head of, VP and C-level in various startups in a variety of industries and countries.

I’m an NLP Master Coach and Practitioner. My expertise lies in helping you navigate your mind and help you find the answers hidden within yourself. 

I’ll help you see your inner strengths that have been, and always will, support you on your journey to greatness.

As your coach, I’ll provide you a safe space for us to explore your feelings and thoughts whilst successfully crushing your demons or achieving your goals.

Coach Lex

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Unlocking the next level
Lex is an extraordinary coach! His ability to push my thinking and reignite my passion has been truly transformative. Thanks to Lex’s guidance, I've grown not only as a leader but also as a person. I highly recommend Lex to anyone seeking to become a better version of themselves.
Jeffrey Orlando
United States
Creating a deeper understanding
“With a logical approach to understanding personal growth, he [Coach Lex] possesses a unique ability to ask thought-provoking questions that delve into the core issues of self-doubt and has empowered me to conquer my challenges with small, actionable steps.”
Andrea Wong
A safe space
“Roselind has practised active listening during our sessions where she paid close attention to what I shared and further seek clarification on my thoughts…The way she phrases her questions are well-structured and helps me seek for clarity.”
Chuen Ting
A warm place to explore the future
"I highly recommend Coach Roselind for her pivotal guidance in clarifying my career path. Her genuine warmth and insightful approach created a trusting environment, enabling deep reflection on my aspirations and challenges. Her powerful questions and extraordinary listening skills personalized every session, enhancing my decision-making process."
Yao Wei Tan
Actionable impact
The sessions always result in actionable steps, which help to make progress in keeping my productive habits and pushing me beyond my comfort zone - and this has led to noticeable changes that impacted my personal growth.
Angga Yatmika
Insightful career guidance
"I think as my first career or life coach, the experience is kind of different as you can actually made me think twice on my decision. Talking to you felt like taking opinion from doctor which personalise the solution for that particular patient."
Alfred Leong Che Hou
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