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Simple Steps to Succes

Decide to invest in yourself
It all starts with that one realisation that you're worth investing time and money into.
Identify your needs
Fill in our onboarding survey
We coach with outcomes in mind. The onboarding survey helps both of us better identify what exactly it is that you want.
Identify your needs
Taking Action
Schedule a free strategy session
We want you to find the best coach for your needs. And that's why we encourage you to 'shop around' and find a coach you feel comfortable with. During the strategy session, we will discuss how we can support your goals through coaching and decide on a strategy together.
Taking Action
Coaching framework
The Coaching Agreement
Before starting with our formal coaching process, CoachUp will provide you with a written agreement, for both of us to sign. This agreement creates a framework for both of us to hold onto and outlines our strategy and activities as well as the both our responsibilities during the coaching process.
Coaching framework
Show Commitment
Do your pushups
As coaches, we support and help you break new ground but we cannot do the pushups for you. If you bring your focus, attention and commitment, we can almost guarantee limitless growth.
Show Commitment
Transformation Completed
Voilà! Meet with new you!
Growing exponentially is easy when you have the right partner to support you on that journey.
Transformation Completed

Ready to start?

Book a free Strategy Session with one of our coaches and learn how CoachUp can support you on your path.

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After submitting the intake form, we'll reach out within 24 hours to schedule your free strategy session.

Improve your professional and personal interaction

Engage in one-on-one DISC coaching sessions to understand your unique behavioral style. Improve self-awareness, enhance communication skills, and develop strategies to achieve personal and professional success through tailored coaching.

Unlock Your Career Potential
Personalised career coaching sessions tailored to your unique professional goals. Gain clarity, set actionable objectives, and achieve career success with expert guidance and support. Coach Roselind has coached individuals from MNCs, Startups and everything in between.

Accelerate Your Leadership Journey
A comprehensive program designed to enhance leadership skills and accelerate your career growth. Focus on developing strategic thinking, effective communication, and decision-making abilities.

Lead with Confidence in Education
Specialised coaching for educational leaders looking to drive positive change in their institutions. Enhance your leadership capabilities and implement effective (informal) leadership strategies. Coach Lex has coached over 15 Educational Leaders in US Public School Districts.

Start with the End in Mind

We’ve charted over 2.000 individual career paths and identified which skills you need, to step up to the next level. An intensive coaching program aimed at maximizing your career progression. Receive tailored advice, skill development, and strategic planning to reach your highest professional aspirations.

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen and companies are forced to lay off employees. Having gone through this ourselves at some point, we’ve developed a career coaching journey to support individuals to transition into a new role, let go of any feelings of unease. 

Strengthen Your Team’s Communication and Collaboration

Improve team’s dynamics with our DISC Communication & Team Building Workshop. This interactive session uses the DISC test to help team members understand their behavioural styles, improve communication, and foster a collaborative work environment.

Empower your team to work together more effectively and achieve greater success.

Why Choose

Certified Expertise's certified coaches offer tailored coaching and training, ensuring each program meets your specific needs and goals.

Proven Tools

We use proven coaching and assessment frameworks to help enhance self-awareness, improve skills, and boost team collaboration.

Sustainable Results

With comprehensive support, empowers clients with actionable strategies for long-term success and fulfillment.