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In this dynamic and interactive program, we delve into the essential aspects of teamwork and communication that drive organisational success.

Through the powerful DISC Assessment, we empower teams to understand their behavioural styles and preferences. It can enhance self awareness, improve communication thereby promote better understanding and collaboration within a team. Enhance teamwork with our DISC Team Building workshop. Foster collaboration and communication for a stronger, united team.

Improve Communication, Collaboration, and Productivity

Empowered Teams are kick-ass Teams

Discover the uniqueness of each person with a DISC personality assessment. DISC assessment and the facilitation by certified Coach provides insights and guidance and can truly transform your team dynamics, improve communication, and boost overall performance. It’s a powerful tool for unlocking the full potential of both individuals and team as a whole.

Improve your teams communication and dynamic. foster a culture of mutual understanding. strengthen your leadership skills and work towards optimal team alignment.

Effective team communication strategies

Effective communication is crucial in the workplace. Especially when the going gets tough. We help develop communication strategies for your teams to increase resilience, morale and manage conflict.

Empowered Leaders

Leaders naturally become more effective by understanding their employee’s preferred communication styles and dispositions (and vice versa).

Full-day DISC Workshop Outline:


  • Interactive exercises to build trust and improve communication.
  • Visualize DISC with Mapstell for clear understanding of behavioral styles of each team member.

After Lunch:

  • Learn effective conflict resolution strategies.
  • Engage in team bonding and collaboration activities.

Late Afternoon:

  • Develop action plans for implementing new skills.
  • Wrap up!

In-person delivery

Prior to the workshop

Participants will have the opportunity to complete the DISC assessment at their own pace.


The Teamwork & Communication workshop session is conducted in person, taking a full day to provide ample time for interactive discussions, experiential exercises, and practical application of communication strategies.

We believe that in-person workshops foster the best results by allowing for real-time engagement, active participation, and deeper connections among team members.


We understand that each team has unique needs and circumstances. If in-person workshops are not feasible or if you have specific requirements, we are more than happy to discuss alternative delivery modes or tailor the workshop to your specific needs. Please reach out to us for a consultation and to explore the best approach for your team’s success.

Three reasons why you should hire CoachUp

1. Visualize DISC with Mapstell

Our innovative approach sets us apart from traditional DISC workshops. With Mapstell, a powerful visual tool, participants gain a clearer understanding of their individual behavioral styles and their impact on team dynamics. This engaging and impactful experience helps teams navigate the complexities of human behavior effectively.

2. Interactive Exercises for Better Understanding

Our workshops go beyond theory. We incorporate interactive exercises that facilitate deeper connections among team members. Through active learning and real-world scenarios, participants apply their knowledge, build trust, and enhance communication. These exercises foster stronger relationships and promote empathy within the team.

3. Certified Facilitator and Experienced Coach

Our workshops are led by certified professionals with extensive experience in group coaching and team development. Our facilitators create a safe and supportive learning environment, offering valuable insights and practical strategies. They guide teams to overcome challenges and unlock their full communication potential.