Map Your Path to Personal Growth with DISC 1:1 Coaching

Your DISC personality test isn’t just a tool that can help you understand yourself. It can also act as a door that opens up new opportunities for you. Let us help you find your way towards that door. Start with 1:1 DISC coaching sessions today and see what you can uncover about yourself.

What is the DISC assessment?

A DISC assessment explores your personality and behaviour. It helps you understand how you interact with others and how people perceive you. The DISC model has four regions. People like you and me will fall into one of these four regions.

Personal Growth Coaching: Find More About Yourself

You take the MapsTell DISC assessment. You learn what role you might play in the team. The map also tells you about the qualities you might find undesirable. And you end up with more questions than answers. Our MapsTell-certified guides can help you find answers to these questions. Here’s what we can offer you:  

Improve Your Self Awareness

Understand how you act on the ‘good days’ and the ‘bad’ days. See which personality types work best with you, and which ones need more effort.

Find New Ways to Grow

Understand your strengths and learn how to use them effectively in your career. See the ways you can contribute more to your team.

Be More Articulate

Extroverted? See what you can tone down to accommodate others. Introverted? Learn ways on how you can express yourself better.

Express Your True Self

We want you to feel comfortable about yourself. With all your strengths and your flaws. Let’s explore more about what makes you, you.

Find which role you fulfill

Through the We take a visually appealing approach to the DISC model. Your DISC type in the form of a map that you can explore. All for free!

The Four DISC Regions

Imagine you’re in a team working on a project, and each member represents one DISC type.


Direct and concise. This teammate of yours is data-driven and a problem-solver. They focus on benefits and push to achieve the project’s goals. Most likely, this person is your team’s leader.


Sociable and enthusiastic. You might find that it’s very easy to talk to this person. They’re good at making sure everyone’s engaged in team meetings. They hold the team together.


Direct and concise. This teammate of yours is data-driven and a problem-solver. They focus on benefits and push to achieve the project’s goals. Most likely, this person is your team’s leader.


Organised and realistic. They come up with strategies for the team. Whenever you need to review details for the project, they’re the person you go to.

Your Action Today Changes Your Tomorrow

Coach Lex and Coach Roselind are here to help you achieve your goals. All we need from you is your commitment and determination to become a better version of yourself.

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Why Choose

NLP, ICF & DISC Certified Coaches

We were once in your shoes. We want to share with you what we learned in our journey. And we want you to feel confident that we, in fact, walked that path.

Flexible Framework

We customise our coaching and assessment frameworks based on your personal needs. We’re also open to any personal requests you may have.

Supportive Approach

We're here for you every step of the way. As long as you have the drive towards personal growth, we will work to provide you with the best support we can give.

The DISC model of coaching is designed to help people understand themselves better. It uses the DISC assessment as the main tool to understand a person’s ‘style and preferences’.

It really depends on who you are, and what you need. Your DISC session can last 1 hours, usually, coaching sessions are about 45 minutes. Reach out to us for more info.

Yes. Please let us know your proposed schedule as soon as you can. This helps us plan our schedule better.

Take out the DISC map and study the thoughts and feelings that emerge in you when reviewing those words.